This is a collection of 3d printing knowledge gathered from many minds. The goal is to have anything printing related that can apply to most or all printers in a single place of reference. From hardware and how it works, to how to tune your fans, or even writing your own printer macros, we hope to bring it all in one easy place to find for all. This site will change over time and be updated as long as people are willing to contribute information for all to read.

    This entire site is open source, and can be found at, and pull requests are more than welcome.

    Order of reading🔗

    This isn't meant to be read end to end, but searched and allowing you to get just the parts that you need. You can find categories on the left menu, or search with the magnifying glass at the top of any page. The deeper into a chapter you get on any topic, the more advanced the topic will be. The information to get you up to speed to tackle any topic should be found in chapters before it. If you don't, feel free to open an issue on GitHub, and if you know how to fill in any blank spots you feel are there, pull requests are very welcome.

    Here's an example of how to link what you want someone to go to. firmware